Self Righteousness

There is a self righteousness in us that often makes us forget our frailties and humanness. It causes us to slander, malice and malign others out of our need to feel that we are above certain things and others. It is this self righteousness that makes us unwilling to associate with those we consider vile. Countless evidence of this is in the Bible. The woman at the well, who had to get her water much later in the day, because of how others treated her knowing that she was living with a man that was not her husband. The prostitute, who wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair. The “righteous” persons in the society shunned these people, and made them feel less than who they really are. Jesus made a difference in their lives simply through his act of love. Isn’t it ironic that the one we strive to be like(Jesus) acts contrary to how we operate in situations like these?

As Christians we ought to Love, not with our words, but with our actions. Let us strive to be like Jesus in all we do.

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