Is God really good??

One of the things I had to learn early in my walk with Jesus is, being a Christian doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you. Many persons get angry with God because they have the view that once they are Christians, nothing bad should happen. There are persons who have walked away from theContinue reading “Is God really good??”

Are You Settling?

Are you settling for less than you are capable of? There are many reasons why we find ourselves doing this. Two of these reasons are: One, we believe we do not have much to offer. And the other reason is that we believe if we settle then things may eventually change over time. The thingContinue reading “Are You Settling?”

Can You Trust Your Heart?

Recently the Lord has been searching my heart and revealing aspects of it that are not in alignment with his will and way. This is shocking me a bit because I had what I thought was a good idea of who I am. What the Lord was revealing about my motives and thought pattern stumpedContinue reading “Can You Trust Your Heart?”

Relationship over Religion

I got baptized at the age of 14. It was an exciting time for me, but it was also a confusing time. Within a few days, several persons from different denominations came to my house to minister the gospel. These were persons who walked the streets and stopped at various houses to evangelize the gospel. Continue reading “Relationship over Religion”