“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Are you settling for less than you are capable of? There are many reasons why we find ourselves doing this. Two of these reasons are: One, we believe we do not have much to offer. And the other reason is that we believe if we settle then things may eventually change over time.

The thing about settling for less is that it never challenges you. It limits your growth and it is like poison. Settling for less suffocates you to the highest level. What we don’t comprehend is that the human mind and body was made to outgrow its environment.

We are made to be constantly developing and advancing. Our age increases every year, we gain or lose weight over time, our knowledge and skills develop over time.. Our experiences shape us. So you see we were made to always outgrow ourselves and potentials.

The sky is limited to what we can see, but there is a sky beyond the sky. Settling for less have you functioning at your minimum.Maximizing your self, positions you for growth. Sometimes we don’t have much to offer because we put a cap on what we can or can not do.

We don’t test the water to see if we can develop a love for this thing over time. 

We are quick to shoot down our own ideas, instead of finding out how we can start with what we have. Sometimes we have to do something and allow the beautiful and generosity of life to chauffeur us into greatness. You should have an idea about where you want to go, but you should not limit yourself to that idea. Sometimes you have to have an expectation that says, “this will blow my mind”. 

The sad reality about settling is that you find yourself settling in a relationship that is going nowhere. You find yourself settling in a job with all your business ideas (Saying one day I will start my own business), but you find yourself unable to start because you became comfortable in your discomfort. And you spend the next twenty years complaining about a job that you don’t like simply because you are afraid of the unknown. You know you are called to do more, but you settle for less. 

Setting for less causes so many things to never manifest because it stifles growth , it buries potentials and it prevents you from living your authentic life and functioning in your purpose. 

I have had my fair share of settling for less because I thought  I had nothing much to offer. Also, I settled because the bigger picture I had was not big enough. 

Potentials begin with small steps and we fail to get that.

Sometimes you have to go in the  depths of nothingness to dig up innovations and life changing ideas, and make them emerge. 

Somethings in life you are born qualified for and you have to be confident in that which has been deposited in you. The more confident you become about your abilities, innovations , self, ideas etc is the more those things grow and blossom into something explosive.

You don’t need to always believe you are the best at what you do. But you can believe I have qualities and value to offer too..

The world needs what I have, I don’t want to be a thief by robbing others of what I am supposed to give to them through my talents, gifts, business and inventions.

Do not settle for less, you are more than what you think of yourself and you were made to outgrow limitations and blossom.

Philippians 4:13

New King James Version

13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This shows us that we have no limits in God. 

Ephesians 3:20

New King James Version

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.

God wants to blow your mind.

This blog was contributed by Latoya Reid.

Stacyan Rowe

I am an avid reader who enjoys exploring the world through words. I am a Christian, wife and mother to two amazing boys. I am an English teacher at the secondary level. I love writing and having meaningful discussions.

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