Choose to Be a God Pleaser

Daily Devotional

Exodus 1:17 But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the men children alive.

Do not live your life trying to please men at the expense of displeasing God. How God sees you will always be more important than how men see you.

Puah and Shiphrah were two Israelite midwives that thought it more important to please God. They were instructed by Pharaoh to kill the male child of the Israelite women during childbirth, to prevent the massive increase in the Israelite population in Egypt. They however chose to ignore the order of the King because they feared God. When the King confronted them on the matter they told him that the reason for their inability to carry out his instruction was because the Israelite women were slippery and so the baby would slip out even before they arrived on the scene.  

Their decision to ignore the instruction of the King could have cost them their lives or at best landed them in prison. But that was the price that they were willing to pay, because it was more important to them to please God and not men. Because that was their position, they attracted the favour of God,  and the scripture said In Exodus 1:17 that because they feared God he built them houses.

In choosing to please God, there were two character traits that these two women displayed that can be seen in what their names meant.  The name Shiphrah means just or to live by the word of God. Puah signifies excellence. As you make the decision to be a God pleaser today, do so by living by his word despite the cost, and execute your job, ministry, divine calling with the highest level of excellence. Like the two midwives you too will attract his favour. 

Life Application: Purpose to please God every day by living by His words and operating in all endeavors with the highest level of excellence.

Prayer: Dear Lord, nothing else is important than pleasing you in all we do and say. I pray that my actions, thoughts and ways will please. I pray that if and when I have to make a decision that I will choose to honour and please you. In Jesus name, amen.

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