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Proverbs 21:5 Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.

The wisdom that you need to succeed may not be written in the pages of a book nor may it be always heard on an audio or DVD player. Instead, it may be hidden in the heart of someone who has already done what you are looking to do. The only way for you to get to it is to be a man of understanding as is stated by Proverbs 21:5 and draw it out. To do that you must become skilled at asking the right questions.

Anything you have not yet conquered is something that you do not yet have the wisdom to possess. Jesus’s disciples were unable to cast the demon out of the man’s son in St. Matthew 17 because they lacked the wisdom. Rather than choosing to stay uninformed they sought to draw the wisdom out of Jesus by asking a “why” question. They asked Jesus, why could we not cast out the demon? Note Jesus had done what they wanted to do. There is no better person to draw wisdom from than someone who has done it. Jesus named three (3) things that they needed to do to avoid failure the next time around: increased faith; prayer; and, fasting. 

Questions are a seed for knowledge. Become skilled at drawing out wisdom by asking how, what, why, when and where questions to someone who have done what you are looking to do.

Life Application: Make it a practice to draw out wisdom by asking, how, what, why, when and where questions of someone who has done what you are looking to do.

Prayer: Lord, impart your wisdom to me. Help me to ask the right questions to get the answers I need. In Jesus name, amen.

Stacyan Rowe

I am an avid reader who enjoys exploring the world through words. I am a Christian, wife and mother to two amazing boys. I am an English teacher at the secondary level. I love writing and having meaningful discussions.

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