Learn the Answers to Life’s Complex Problems

Daily Devotional

Psalms 119: 105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

If you look closely you will see that the answers to all of life’s problems are hidden in the word of God. Dig deep into the word to unearth the solution that you need. 

Psalms 119:105 starts with the phrase “thy word”: it specifically refers to the word of God. That was done deliberately to bring to our attention 2 distinctions between the word of God and that which is spoken by me or anyone else. The first difference that was highlighted about the word of God was that it is a lamp unto our feet. Pay attention that David used the word “is”; it emphasizes a truth that the word of God is not archaic as some would want us to believe, but even today it stands as a lamp to our feet.  Typically, a lamp is used when the environment is dark and you do not know where to put your feet; the word of God works like that by providing clarity of sight when our circumstances look dark. In essence the word of God acts as a lamp to our feet by giving us answers to life’s complex issues. Comparatively, the solutions that man provides, if they are contrary to biblical principles, always prove to be a failure.

The second characteristic that David highlighted about the word of God is that “is a light to our path”.  In the same way that the light on a car helps with navigation and direction, it is a similar role that the word of God plays in our life. It helps us to find our way, without it many of us would have run off track. Therefore, in addition to supplying answers to complex problems, it gives us direction that keeps us on the right track.

In which area of your life are you looking for solutions? Is it in your business, family, relationship, marriage, financially or spiritually? It does not matter which area it is, like David you can find the answer in the word of God. Take another look.

Life Application: If you are not highly knowledgeable about the bible, one approach to take is to do a  Google search with the following search terms: What does the bible say about…. Replace the dot, dot, dot with whatever solutions you are looking for.

Prayer: Lord, I look to your word for direction and truth. Give me the solution to whatever issue I’m facing as I delve deeper into your word. In Jesus name, amen.

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