Keep Getting Better

Daily Devotional

Proverbs 2:21: For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it

What gets you to your promised land is not what will keep you there, so keep getting better.

Usain Bolt ran 9.72 seconds in 2008 to break Asafa Powell’s then 9.74 seconds world record for the men’s 100 meters. If Bolt had remain stuck at that time he would have finished second in the 2009 World Championships behind Tyson Gay who ran 9.69 seconds. Not only did he win the event, he improved upon his world record time to 9.58 seconds because he kept getting better. It is also a feature of many of the dominant companies that we admire such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook who are still in business today because they keep getting better. In the Bible the same principle was evident; David started out leading sheep, he got better by learning to lead men. Elisha got better after he received the double portion of the anointing; he could be seen in the scriptures growing in faith and consistently staying at a high level.

The wise man Solomon taught the principle of getting better in Proverbs 2:21 where he said: for the upright shall dwell in the land and the perfect shall remain in it. The word upright means to be righteous. Therefore, what was meant by “the upright shall dwell in the land” was that following the laws and principles of God is what will take you to your promised land. However, the scripture never stopped there and asserted that to remain in that place you must strive for perfection. Striving to improve upon your current level will necessitate a personal commitment to keep getting better. Choose not to stay stuck at the same level; you owe it to yourself and God to keep getting better.

Life Application: Improve upon your current level by keeping track of where you are and seeking new standards monthly that you want to attain to.

Prayer: Lord, may I never settle for what is less than what you have destined for me. May I actualize to the best of my ability and be the best version of myself. May I reflect you daily and strive to be like you daily. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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