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Genesis 21:6 And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.

Right now your circumstances could cause you to believe that your current situation is impossible; but never forget that nothing is impossible with God; Sarah experienced this for herself firsthand. In Genesis 18, Sarah overheard the angel telling her husband, Abraham, that she would give birth to a child within the next year. The assertion sounded incredulous to her, so she laughed. The laughter was a laughter of doubt; it was as if she was saying “I do not see how that is going to happen”. The angel did not take kindly to her laughing and asked the question, “Is there anything too hard for God to do”. Fast forward one (1) year later and what seemed impossible then to Sarah, became her reality. As the Lord had spoken she gave birth to her son Isaac. While celebrating the development, she said in Genesis 21:6 “God had made me to laugh”. Her situation looked impossible to the naked eye but God turned it around and made her rejoice.

Sarah‘s experience is a reminder that regardless of how impossible your situation may look, if God says it, it must come to pass.  A few years prior to Sarah giving birth, God told Abraham in Genesis 17:19 that Sarah would bring forth a son and “Isaac” would be his name. The point is that Sarah’s laughter or rejoicing was not a random event that happened by chance, it was previously prophesied by God, so it had to happen. In the same way that God made Sarah laugh, he will do the same for you. Whatever seemingly  impossible thing that God has spoken concerning your life, it will come to pass. Therefore, do not allow your circumstances to tell you otherwise.

Life Application: Remind yourself about what God has spoken concerning your life and choose to believe what he has spoken over your circumstances. 

Prayer: Lord, I choose to believe your word and not my circumstances. I choose to believe that I’m healed and not the report of the doctor. I choose to believe that all my needs are supplied and not the economy. In Jesus name, amen.

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