7 Ways to Attract Favour in Your Life

Daily Devotional

Recap: #3 Give Attention to honor Kings in Your Environment

Honoring the Kings in your environment at all levels is what we explored the last time. It is an important principle as your promotion can only come from someone who is set over you. Any decision to dishonor someone who is set over you will cut off the flow of favor in your life and hinder or delay your promotion.

Bible Verse:

Luke 2:52. “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man

#2: Increase Your Wisdom and Understanding

The greater your wisdom and understanding, the greater will be your flow of favor. Luke 2:52 shows us that as Jesus increased in wisdom he increased in wisdom by both God and men.

There is no evidence to suggest that Solomon was born with more wisdom than everybody else, yet he is regarded as the wisest man to have ever lived. He acquired this wisdom through divine impartation and earnestly seeking wisdom. Regardless of how his wisdom was garnered, what can be observed is that his great wisdom brought him great favor. In 1 Kings 10:10 when the Queen of Sheba experienced the wisdom of Solomon, not only did she speak well of him, she also favored him with gifts to include a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and of spices, a very great store, and precious stones. The favor that Solomon attracted as a result of his wisdom did not only come from the queen of Sheba. 2 Chronicles 9:23-24 tells us that the kings of the earth sought Solomon for counsel and brought him much silver, gold and raiment among other things. Great wisdom attracted great favor.

There are 3 things that wisdom and good understanding produce in our lives: making the right decisions; speaking the right words, and offering superior solutions to problems that exist in your environment. It was these fruits that wisdom and good understanding produced in the life of Solomon that brought him great favor. When Solomon ruled wisely between the disputing mothers to determine who the living child belonged to, the real mother who objected to the child being cut into two. As a result, all Israel feared or revered him (1 Kings 3;28). His good decision brought him favor. Similarly, the choice of words that he used when he asked for the help of Huram the King of Tyre in 2 Chronicles 3 also brought him favor. Additionally, the Kings of earth who brought Solomon large amounts of gold and silver did not do so because everybody else was doing it, it was done because the advice and solutions he put forward to address their circumstances were superior to what they would have heard from other advisors.

The same fruits that wisdom and good understanding produced in the life of Solomon and others, it will produce in yours as well. Be deliberate in investing time to grow your wisdom.

Life Application:

Invest at least 30 minutes daily growing your wisdom and understanding through conversations with the wisest in your field and reading or listening to resources that add to your knowledge and understanding.


Lord, increase my wisdom and understanding so that I can grow in knowledge. May I operate with wisdom in all things, so that I can obtain favor. In Jesus name, amen.

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