Treat People How You Want to Be Treated

Daily Devotional

Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

How you treat people should never be based on their ethnicity, socioeconomic background, culture or tradition. These are barometers which society typically uses to determine how people should be treated. The result of using these approaches is the inequitable treatment of people and injustice, which gives rise to other social problems such as crime and violence. Having seen firsthand the injustices that permeated the land at the time, Jesus offered a radically different approach to dealing with people. His instruction given in Luke 6:31 is that people should be treated how we would like to be treated, if we were in the same position.

There are two main differences in the approach put forward by Jesus.  First, doing it Jesus’ way will force us to put ourselves in the shoes of others when deciding how we should treat them. When we put ourselves in someone else shoes, we automatically see things from a new perspective that provides a frame of reference for our response.  The second benefit of responding the way Jesus instructed us is that our response will be seasoned with love. The Good Samaritan mentioned in Luke 10:30-37 could have walked on the other side like the priest and the Levite when he saw the wounded man in the way, however, that is not how he would have wanted to be treated if he was in the same position.  Accordingly, he bound up his wounds, brought him on his beast to an inn and took care of him. That is what he would have wanted someone else to have done for him.

Let us change our approach as to how we treat people, having put ourselves in their shoes people should be treated with love and not based on societal standards.

Life Application: You will feel inclined to treat people how they deserve to be treated especially if they have caused you hurt in the past.However, choose instead to walk in their shoes and show compassion.

Prayer: Lord, give me your heart towards others. Let me always put myself in their position and treat them with the same treatment I would want for myself. In Jesus name, amen.

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