What Will You Be Remembered For?

Daily Devotional

Luke 2:49 And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Close examination of Bible characters reveal that they were either remembered for their failures or the purpose for which they were created. For instance, although Moses, David and Elijah all had their failures, they were remembered for the way in which they fulfilled their purpose. On the other hand, Saul and Jonah are mostly remembered for their mistakes.  What will you be remembered for?  Your failings or the purpose for which God created you? That is a choice that you will have to make. What you will be remembered for will depend on how you choose to live your life every day. Jesus was remembered for his purpose and that was the result of a choice he made at the age of 12 when he said “I must be about the master’s business”.

There are 3 P’s that Jesus demonstrated from a young age that we must emulate to be remembered for our God given purpose.  The first “P” was passion. It was a passion for His Father’s business that caused him to tarry behind in the temple conversing with lawyers and doctors. A typical child that age would want to hurry home after a feast that lasted about 8 days, but not Jesus, he was passionate about what he was sent on earth to do. 

The second “P” that was evidenced in His action was priority. His passion became His priority: for 3 days straight the only thing that was on His agenda was the Father’s business. As far as He was concerned everything else could wait; his purpose was His priority. 

The final “P” was preparation. Jesus’ ministry did not officially start until he was 30, so the purpose of His time in the temple among the lawyers and doctors was to prepare Him for  ministry by gathering knowledge. He spent the time hearing them and asking questions so that He might learn from them.

Choose to be remembered for your purpose by modeling the 3 P’s.  

Life Application:  Live your passion everyday by making it a priority on your daily schedule while allocating sufficient time and resources for extensive preparation to accomplish what God called you to do.

Prayer: Lord, May I live my life with passion, and prioritize the purpose for which I was created. May I live like Jesus and leave an indelible mark on those whom I come in contact with. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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