Do Not See Your Transition Period as your Destination

Daily Devotional

Philippians 1: 6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

There will always be a period of transition between the time that the promise is spoken and when you reach your destination. It will not be instantaneous. Isn’t it interesting that shortly after Abraham received the promise of the seven (7) fold blessings from God that shortly after he experienced a time of famine.  It wasn’t a contraction, only part of his transition period. Additionally, the Children of Israel did not immediately walk out of Egypt and into their promised land, there was a period of transition while they traversed through the wilderness. Also, Joseph never became Governor soon after his dream, he spent years maneuvering his period of transition.

If you have not yet realized your promise, a question that you need to answer is what have you been doing with your period of transition? There are at least three (3) purposes that the period of transition is meant to accomplish.  The first purpose is to separate you from the dream killers and put you in the company of dream supporters, that was evident from the story of Joseph. God removed him from the company of his brothers and ultimately positioned him near the butler, who later recommended him to the King. 

The second purpose of the transition period is to learn wisdom. The children of Israel were allowed to suffer hunger during their transition period so that they would learn to honour God. It was also during their transition period that Joseph and David learnt how to lead. 

The third purpose of the transition period is to develop character. It was during his transition period that Joseph acquired the heart to forgive his brothers. The transition period that Abraham went through served to strengthen his faith in God.

Philippians’ 1:6 should be a reminder to you that God will finish what He has started. Therefore, do not see your transition period as your destination. If you do, you will not recognize the purpose for which you have to go through that period.  

Life Application: Successfully navigate your transition period by making a list of the character traits you must develop, wisdom you must acquire and relationships you must form to get to where God has promised.

Prayer: Lord, do not let me get stuck in my current situation. Help me to transition to the place you want me to be in you. Build my character as you shape and mold me into the person you want me to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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