Don’t Base Your Decisions on How Others Have Done it in the Past

Daily Devotional

Genesis 26:2 And the Lord appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of:

What was God communicating to Isaac when he told him not to go down to Egypt during the time of the famine that he experienced in Genesis 26? Before that question is answered, it is important to know that in the previous famine recorded in Genesis 12, Isaac’s father, Abraham had gone down to Egypt to survive the famine. Given that context, Isaac might have been contemplating responding to the famine how his father did many years prior; but God would not have it that way. So He said, “go not down to Egypt”.

If Isaac had gone down to Egypt, his decision would have been based on tradition or what his father did. Tradition should not be the basis on which our decisions are made, and God wanted Isaac to understand that. It was part of the reason He told Isaac not to go down to Egypt. What God was saying to him was do not make your decision on tradition or how others have done it in the past. God did not stop there as it would not have been enough to tell Isaac what not to do without also outlining the required approach. Therefore, God told him “Dwell in the land I tell thee of”. The principle that God was teaching Isaac here was that his decision should be based on what the word of God says and not tradition.

What approach have you been taking to your decision making? Is it based on tradition or how you have seen others done it? What God expects of us is that our decision should be based on what he says.

Life Application: Base your decisions on what the word of God says by seeking God’s counsel before making the decision.

Prayer: Lord, direct my path at all times. Help me to not lean on my understanding nor what worked for others in the past, but on your instruction for that particular situation at that particular time. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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