The Formula to Break Affliction

Daily Devotional

Psalms 119:92 Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.

An affliction is enduring a physical suffering or pain over a protracted period. It may stem from one of three (3) reasons.  First of all, it may be the consequence of sin as was the case when the Israelites were afflicted with the plague of the fiery serpent in Numbers 21 because they rebelled against God. As was the case for Job, an affliction could also be to fulfil God’s divine purpose. 

Another reason for an affliction is that it could be the result of a demonic attack as was the experience for the woman who had the spirit of affliction in Luke 13. The good news is that regardless of the reason for the affliction it can be broken, the three examples cited earlier are proof since in all those instances the affliction was broken.

The formula to breaking affliction was given to us in Psalms 119:92. David testified that unless he had delighted in the laws of God, he would have died in his affliction. What David was revealing was that affliction is broken by applying the word of God. His revelation is consistent with how the 3 bouts of afflictions alluded to earlier were broken.

To break the plague of the fiery serpent, Moses applied the word of God and made a brazen serpent and lifted it up high so that the people could look at it. Interestingly, the brazen serpent that Moses made represented Jesus who himself is the word. 

The affliction of Job was turned when he carried out the instruction given to him by God to pray for his friends. The woman with the spirit of affliction applied the word by believing the word when Jesus said to her, woman, thou art loosed. Affliction is not broken by worrying or talking about the problem, it is broken by consistently applying the word of God to our situation.

Life Application: Break affliction by delighting in the word of God and consistently applying it to your life.

Prayer: Lord, help me to implement the strategies that you have given to break afflictions in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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