Let God Direct Every Area of Your Life

Daily Devotional

Psalms 127:1 Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Let God direct everything that you do. David wrote Psalms 127 and dedicated it to Solomon, who would not only reign after him but was also tasked with the responsibility to build the temple of the Lord. In his wisdom, David identified the two things that should take top priority during the reign of Solomon; the first was to build the temple of the Lord and the other would have been to keep the people of Israel safe. To that end David gave instruction with regards to these two areas in Psalms 127:1. His wise words to Solomon were to let God be the master builder and chief of security. The central message to Solomon was to let God direct everything he did and if that was not done then he would fail. Letting God direct every area of your life is the secret to successful living.

There were two (2) notable periods in the life of Solomon. In the early years he had great successes to the extent that Kings and queens would come to see the splendor of his kingdom. His initial success was because he took his father’s advice, at least to some extent and allowed God to direct most of what he did. However, he faltered in one area, as it relates to his choice of wives. He took to him strange wives who did not share his beliefs.

 As a result of Solomon’s unwillingness to let the word of God direct every area of his life, he experienced a season of failure.  The negative effects of his bad choice of wives did not manifest itself immediately but ultimately it did and the consequences were great. During that time God caused adversaries to revolt against him and told him that his descendants after him would only rule over one tribe as another would rule over the other tribes. Not letting God direct every area of our life will result in failure. Initially it may seem like there is no negative impact, but the long-term implications are dire. The prudent thing to do is to let God direct every area of your life.

 Life Application: Let God direct every area of your life by making it a habit of seeking God’s direction for every area of your life.

Prayer: Lord, I surrender all to you. Take complete control of my life. In Jesus’ name, amen

Published by Stacyan Rowe

I am an avid reader who enjoys exploring the world through words. I am a Christian, wife and mother to two amazing boys. I am an English teacher at the secondary level. I love writing and having meaningful discussions.

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