Create a Path for God to do Wonders in Your Life

Daily Devotional

Joshua 3:5 And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

On at least three occasions in the Bible, when God was about to do something great in the life of his people, He instructed them to sanctify themselves. The first occasion was in Exodus 19:10 when God spoke to the Children of Israel by lightning and thunder. Prior to doing that, they were required to sanctify themselves for two (2) days.

The next occasion was in Numbers 11:18 when God was about to blow quail from the sea in the camp of the Israelites. The instruction was the same, sanctify yourselves.  

Another time that they were told to sanctify themselves was in Joshua 3:5 prior to the Children of Israel crossing the Jordan on dry land. What these examples highlight is that one way in which God’s people create a path to see wonders performed in their lives is by sanctifying themselves.

What is the connection between us sanctifying ourselves and God doing great things in our lives? The Hebrew word for being sanctified means to be consecrated or set apart. In its purest sense being sanctified is acting in accordance with the word of God.  This is important because the Holy Spirit only acts within the laws, principles and instructions of the Father. It should be observed that throughout the scriptures the only time the Holy Spirit moved to do great things is when the word of God is spoken or honored. When God said let there be light, the Holy Spirit moved to create light. Similarly, in John 9:6-7 it was after Jesus put mud on the blind man’s eyes and said go wash in the pool of Siloam, and he did accordingly, that his eyes were opened. Being sanctified by acting in accordance with the word of God is how we authorize the Holy Spirit to do great things in our lives. He wants to do it, but He can only act upon the word of God.

Life Application: Create a path for God to do great things in your life by setting yourself apart by consistently acting in accordance with the word of God.

Prayer: Lord, I come before you broken and contrite. Cleanse me and renew a right spirit within me. I humble myself before you and ask you to dwell within me. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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