Stick it Out to the End

Daily Devotional

John 19:28 After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.

Unless you are a finisher, you cannot be a victor. Adopt the mindset of a finisher. The example that Jesus set for us is that He did not stop until every word that was spoken concerning him was fulfilled. That was evident from St. John 19:28; He was only willing to give up the Ghost when all that was spoken concerning him was accomplished. The criticisms never swayed him. Being spat upon and slapped in his face was humiliating, but he kept going anyhow. The 40 lashes that took out pieces of his flesh was not enough for him to give up. In addition to the pain he felt from the nails that were in his hands and feet, he also felt forsaken hanging on the cross but he kept his eyes on the finished line. He refused to stop until every word spoken concerning him was fulfilled, that is the approach you too must take.

There are two lessons we can learn here from the life of Jesus. First, take personal responsibility to perform every word that is spoken concerning you by the Lord. The evidence that you have faith in the words that He has spoken concerning you is to do what he has said concerning you. That is what Jesus did. The second lesson is to keep going despite the struggles. Performing what his word says may come with struggles, but it should never be said that you gave up. When you consider the magnitude of all that Jesus went through to fulfill his purpose and still kept going, whatever struggle you are faced with today or sometime in the future will always pale in comparison to what he faced.

Part of Jesus’s final words were: “it is finished”. It stands as a reminder that He stuck it out to the finish. Will the same be true of you?

Life Application: Remind yourself daily of every promise that has been spoken concerning you and keep pushing towards them, despite the struggles, until every word is fulfilled.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to endure to the end. Help me to fight the fight and finish the race that you have set out for me. I commit everything to you now, in Jesus name amen.

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