Complete Every Divine Instruction with Precision

Daily Devotional

Bible Verses:

Joshua 6:10 And Joshua had commanded the people, saying, Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout; then shall ye shout.

Exodus 40:16 says Moses did everything just as the LORD commanded him, the same should be said of you.

The instruction that God gave Joshua as it relates to how to overcome the Jericho wall was that they should go around the walls of Jericho once each day for the first six days and seven times on the seventh day. In addition, the procession going around the walls should follow a particular order: at the front should be armed men and immediately following them should be seven priests blowing the trumpets of ram’s horn to be followed by the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant and at the back would be another group of armed men. At the end of the seventh march on the seventh day, the people should shout and the Jericho walls would come tumbling down.

The signal as to when they should shout would be a long blast from the seven priests blowing the trumpet. Joshua was very meticulous in ensuring that the people did exactly as the Lord had said to the extent that he went as far as telling them in Joshua 6:10 that they should not shout, make any noise or let a single word come from their mouth until he told them when to shout. Imagine that, during their marches, the people were forbidden to speak or make any noise – that was a tough ask. The principle the scripture teaches is to do whatever it takes to complete every divine instruction with precision.

Sometimes we are guilty of varying from what we have been divinely instructed because it is not comfortable or convenient for us to do. That was not an option for Joshua and the Israelites; they were going to do it God’s way or no other way. To that end, Joshua placed additional restrictions on the people beyond what God instructed. Those restrictions applied to him as well; Joshua was willing to not only make the people uncomfortable to honour God’s instruction, but himself as well. The only reason he did this was because he valued the word of God more than their comfort. Meticulously following divine instruction requires you to prioritize the word of God over your own comfort or convenience. That was where Job was when he said “I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food” (Job 23:12). For a greater level of effectiveness in your life or ministry complete every divine instruction with precision.

Life Application:

Write down every divine instruction you have received and immediately make plans as it relates to how and when it would happen and make it a priority to follow through.


Lord, May I never vere to the left nor the right as it relates to what you have instructed me to do. May I not lean on my understanding to do it my way, as I have often done in the past. In Jesus name, amen.

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I am an avid reader who enjoys exploring the world through words. I am a Christian, wife and mother to two amazing boys. I am an English teacher at the secondary level. I love writing and having meaningful discussions.

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