Make the Lord Your Shepherd

Daily Devotional

St John 10:27 My sheep know my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Do not just say that the Lord is my Shepherd, make him your Shepherd. Make him your shepherd by waiting on His direction and acting upon it as soon as it is received.

There are two keys that were taught by Jesus in St John 10:27 that we must adopt to make the Lord our Shepherd. The first is to know the voice of the Spirit. The scripture said, “my sheep know my voice”. It would have been expected that Jesus would have said that my sheep hear my voice, but instead He said, “my sheep know my voice”. Why did He say that? Because the number one thing that stops us from making the Lord our shepherd is knowing the voice of the Spirit. There are many voices that we will hear, the key to ensuring that we do not follow the wrong voice is knowing God’s voice; otherwise, we will be misled. 

In 2 Chronicles 18 when King Ahab and Jehoshaphat enquired of the 400 prophets whether they should go against the Syrians, they prophesied that they should go up because the Lord would deliver them into their hands. However, Jehoshaphat knew that it was not the voice of the Lord so he asked Ahab in 2 Chronicles 18:6 if there was not another prophet of the Lord besides those they could enquire of. The true prophet of the Lord, Micaiah came and declared contrary to what the others were saying. It is important that we know the voice of the Spirit.

The other key element as it relates to making the Lord our Shepherd is to follow His direction. Jesus also said in St. John 10:27 that my sheep follow me.  The Lord is only our shepherd if we are following His directions. It is not enough for us to follow his lead sometimes, we must do it all the time.

In Exodus 39 when Moses and the people of Israel were creating the tabernacle according to the blueprint that God gave them, the scripture said in Exodus 39:42 that “according to all that the Lord commanded Moses, so the children of Israel made all the work”. In that matter the people truly made God their shepherd by doing ‘all”, not some of what he required them to do. Since Moses was the leader, he had to make sure that the word of God was carried out exactly as the Lord had said and when he confirmed that it was so, the scripture said in 2 Chronicles 39:43 that Moses blessed them. Making the Lord our shepherd will cause the blessings of the Lord to flow into our lives.

Life Application: Make the Lord your shepherd by getting better at recognizing the voice of the Spirit; that can be done by spending more time communing with Him. In addition, be diligent in following his directives.

Prayer: Lord, you are my shepherd and I want to follow you every step of the way. May I always know your voice and follow your words. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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